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Mission Statement

To provide bridge financing that will expedite the development of Maharishi Vastu® Communities.

When a housing developer is awarded a government grant, the wait for government agencies to pay the award creates a challenging financing situation. The Vastu Development Fund is created to provide the bridge financing developers need to cover the delay in receiving the grant funds. Once the developer obtains a signed grant contract from the government agency, the VDF will loan the developer up to the amount of the grant.  When the grant funds are received at the end of a project, the developer pays off the VDF loan.

The State of Iowa has a variety of programs to promote affordable housing, and they all present a funding and financing challenge for developers. The Vastu Development Fund has been organized to provide the short-term capital necessary for Vastu builders to harvest government building incentives.

The economic power of our combined interests is tremendous. Working together as a builder - buyer - investor team, we can create Vastu communities that would otherwise be beyond our individual resources.​


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