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The Vastu Development Fund LLC (VDF) has been created to harness the economic power of investors interested in creating Maharishi Vastu® communities. VDF is a privately owned company founded and managed by Martin Brett, the founder and Managing Member of Vastu Partners LLC. Martin's experience with grant-subsidized building includes building 18 million dollars of Maharishi Vastu homes with the support of over 6.5 million dollars in government grants. The goal of the VDF is to finance grant awards after the award has been contracted but before the award funds are actually received. The VDF loans money to Vastu Partners LLC up to the amount of secured government grant contracts. 

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Martin Brett, Founder


Since moving to Fairfield in 1999, Martin has been developing the land and selling homes in MIU North Campus Village. A meditator since the age of 15, Martin's appreciation for Maharishi's programs has led him to the TM-Sidhi Program, ayurvedic technician training, the Austin Radiance Ideal Village Land Development Company (Devco), and to the Fairfield MIU Community. Martin is the Founder and Managing Member of Vastu Partners LLC, the developer of the MIU North Campus Village, (180 homes) the MIU North Campus Ridge community, (35 homes) and the builder of the first two buildings in the MIU Global Peace Village.


  "Building a Maharishi Sthapatya Ved community has changed my life. There is a magic associated with it. The bigger the community gets, the more there seems to be a sense of destiny to it. Not my destiny really, but a sense that the community wants to be built, and if I pay attention, life hands me the tools to do it." 

Doug Bachar
DRB Contracting Inc.

Martin Brett
Vastu Partners LLC

Martin Brett and Doug Bachar receiving the 2018 Fairfield Chamber of Commerce Economic Impact Award.


Doug is the general contractor whose experience and production building techniques are the other leg (beside government grants) to making affordable Maharish Vastu homes in Fairfield. Doug has built over 300 Maharishi Vastu homes.

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